Equity Team Tool

You are a startup or early stage innovation team. Great!

You've identified key missing attributes in your team and you've found the right people to join. Even better.

Now, what do you offer them?

If you can't offer a full salary, then you'll be offer some equity (or in some cases, no salary – just equity!).

How do you..

  • know how much to offer – so that they are motivated
  • know when to offer – when they have delivered or proven themselves or do you use claw backs
  • build a model to release the equity back if they haven't delivered.

…and do all this without upset and without distracting you from

the day to day business?

It is not easy – and that is why we have built the Equity Team Tool – it provides the innovation or startup leaders a simple rational model to explain how and why equity is being shared and, critically, to show who the original (but now diluted) stakes are actually worth more.

If you would like us to set up the Equity Team Tool model for your startup or innovation team, please get in touch…