Coming soon – Entrepreneur Team Tool

Following on
from the research that is being finalised at Manchester Business School and the success of the Enterprise Freelance Fairs, Media Modo will shortly be launching a tool to help founders and startup entrepreneurs to commercialise their products and services with greater success and less cost.

This new service will help the founder to bring his or her products and services to market in the most efficient way possible, both in terms of cash required but also (if necessary) the amount of equity that needs to be shared.

The Entrepreneur Team tool will help investors and entrepreneurs…

– understand the unique role that the founding entrepreneur plays in their business by identifying their sweet spot and defining any weaknesses and gaps in the business team

– calculate the cost (in cash or equity terms) of filling those gaps and considering alternative strategic options so that we can identify the sweetspot between sharing equity, raising funding and losing control

– recruit any gaps and/ or create a balanced entrepreneurial management team, that will capture the interest of investors and share just enough equity to deliver the cash funding without taking away the motivation of the founder

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